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Les Brasseurs

Qui sommes-nous? | Les Brasseurs

The story of Les Brasseurs begins in 1997, when 4 inspired friends, with complementary knowledge and skills, decided to set up their own traditional micro-brewery in French speaking Switzerland.

Our concept is clear and simple: in-house production of traditional and high fermentation beers, in a place especially set up for this purpose. Les BRASSEURS’ focus on love of the brewing industry and craft of traditional products, creating nostalgic taste beers, leading a friendly attitude.


Established in Geneva (1997), Lausanne (2000), Nyon (2001), Neuchâtel (2007) and Sion (2015), each brewery LES BRASSEURS opens its doors to a new experience: starting with the discovery of process of in-house brewing, through the know-how of the Brew master, present every day in our premises.

Qui sommes-nous? | Les Brasseurs

Qui sommes-nous? | Les Brasseurs


You will be surrounded by a warm atmosphere, the authenticity of materials (wood, stone, copper, brass ...) and custom-made decoration in each brewery: an invitation to share a sociable and open moment with friends, colleagues, alone or in group, men and women ... 



Les Brasseurs are popular and easy-going breweries. Our customers come with the desire to spend an enjoyable moment with us. Les Brasseurs is also a story of innovation of craft beer: besides the classic beers (blonde, white or amber), throughout the year our customers will find a selection of special beers, with new and surprising spices and flavours. 

Qui sommes-nous? | Les Brasseurs

Our beers Manufacturing


While evoking and embracing the brewing experience back to Middle Age, our equipment has the strictest hygiene rules. The selection of yeast called of high fermentation, provides a beer with strong personality with a minimum alcohol content only.  

The brewing process is made in-house, in each of our branches, in front of our customers: crushing malt grains - brewing (cooking and hopping) - fermentation (transformation of malt sugars in alcohol) –  storage (beer refining and saturation with carbon dioxide).

Our process follows a rigorous and intense love for work well done and respect of customers.

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