Amber beer

    Amber beer

Our Amber beer is elaborated from the best combination of malted barley, hops and yeast of Les Brasseurs.

Its color and flavor come from caramel malt used in brewing process as well as expertise of our Master Brewers.

Perfectly combined with the traditional Burger Brewers, best connoisseurs will highly appreciate its strong character.

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While evoking and embracing the brewing experience back to Middle Age, our equipment has the strictest hygiene rules. The selection of yeast called of high fermentation, provides a beer with strong personality with a minimum alcohol content only.  

The brewing process is made in-house, in each of our branches, in front of our customers: crushing malt grains - brewing (cooking and hopping) - fermentation (transformation of malt sugars in alcohol) –  storage (beer refining and saturation with carbon dioxide).

Our process follows a rigorous and intense love for work well done and respect of customers.

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